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How long does it take to complete a jacket?

Turn around times for orders vary widely. At LaHaie's, the availability of coats from a stock inventory greatly reduces the wait time. Likewise, hand produced chenille items are stocked whenever possible to make your delay as short as possible. Depending on the season, you can expect your coat within three to five weeks.

How much does a letterjacket cost?

Basic blank letterman jackets at LaHaie's vary in price. The 100% local NW wool fabric and a genuine leather sleeve make a durable coat that will last a lifetime. The process of personalization with handmade chenille patches does escalate the price depending on the student's accomplishments. Chenille patches are hand drawn and produced by a skilled operator to your color, design, and size selections. At the same time, custom patches make each coat unique and a proud symbol of your hard work. At LaHaie's we have the ability to produce virtually any design (that is not protected by copyright) for your coat. Your final cost will reflect the degree of personalization we do for you.

How do I care for my letterjacket?

Letterman jackets almost always have genuine leather components. Special care is necessary to prevent cracking or peeling of this leather that results from cleaning by your regular dry cleaners. Often, school coats have colored leather sleeves to reflect the school colors. At LaHaie's, we recommend special cleaning services performed to clean the wool body of your coat, while enhancing the quality of the leather sleeves with special cleaning and restoration steps. We can inspect your garment and make recommendations for the appropriate cleaning technique.